The Appliance fire protection system by Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Ltd – when installed in the nacelle at the top and the base of a wind turbine’s tower – provides rapid smoke detection and fire extinguishing.

When just a small amount of smoke is detected by the Appliance’s smoke detectors, the Appliance automatically – and autonomously, – discharges a non-toxic extinguishing agent, quickly flooding the affected containment area to fully extinguish, or suppress, the fire.

At the same time, the Appliance triggers the affected containment area’s nearest “built-in” smoke detectors, alerting the monitoring station, and providing them with additional seconds to initiate emergency procedures.

If a fire occurs during maintenance of a wind turbine, when Lock Out – Tag Out procedures are in place, the Appliance provides precious seconds and a safe path down the wind turbine’s tower for personnel to evacuate and reach safety. The Appliance also provides fire protection to the wind turbine’s energy storage facility.

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