The Appliance from AAE is an autonomous fire protection system appliance that provides
smoke detection and fire suppression for containers, rooms, cabinets, stations, or compartments that are not monitored.

The Appliance FPS for ULDs by AAE LtdThe Appliance Fire Protection System from AAE Ltd
The Appliance Fire Protection System from AAE Ltd

Advanced Solutions in Fire Protection Systems that incorporate new
methods for faster Detection, faster Suppression, and faster Crew Notification using
environmentally Green Agents


The Appliance successfully extinguishes or suppresses Class A, Class B, and Class C Fires.

The Appliance reduces the risk of an uncontrollable Lithium-Ion Battery Fire.

The Appliance is not mechanically or electrically connected to – or dependent on – any other system.

The Appliance detects smoke and discharges an aerosol agent that completely floods the containment area.

The Appliance can be configured to release the correct amount of aerosol to fit any size compartment.

The Appliance can send signals to a separate monitoring station.

The Appliance can receive signals from other sequential fire protection systems.

The Appliance’s rugged construction provides a long service life.


With over 50 years of fire protection system (FPS) design, certification, manufacturing, and experience, Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Ltd (AAE) is a recognized independent industry leader providing superior FAA and EASA Approved retrofit FPS Kits for lower Class C Cargo Compartments on Transport Category aircraft.

AAE is an international contractor for fire protection systems and equipment. Our FPS modification kits are built with a commitment to quality and safety – and provide our international customers with turn-key solutions for their Class C Cargo compartment requirements defined by the European Aviation Safety Agency’s (EASA) latest regulations as explained in the Commission Implementing Regulation 202-1159 dated August 5, 2020 and Class V cargo compartment requirements defined by the Civil Aviation Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Airworthiness Directive, AD 2020-01, Revision 0, Effective date December 25, 2020.

The AAE STC and its FPS modification meet the higher-performance “point-to-point” requirements for suppression required by EASA Certification Specification CS 25.851(b)(2) Fire Extinguishers.

You can rely on AAE’s proven experience in delivering U.S. and Foreign Certifications of Retrofit Fire Protection Systems and Equipment
on Transport Category Aircraft.

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Ask about AAE’s Kits to equip or to upgrade your AAE FPS for EASA Approval!
AAE will provide solutions for your fire protection requirements by delivering information to you about what constitutes best practices for Class C Compartment fire protection systems when you contact us.

“Advanced Solutions” is a new AAE R&D department, dedicated to the research, design, and engineering of tomorrow’s Aircraft Fire Protection Systems. Developing advanced solutions for containerized loads, incorporating Alternate Green Suppression Agents, and better methods to quickly detect, notify, and suppress fires commensurate with today’s new aviation threat levels.

Continuous improvement programs are an important investment in assuring availability of the highest levels of protection for our Industry.