Advanced Aircraft Extinguisher’s Customer and Technical Support Team members possess at least 20 years of experience in all phases of design, manufacture, certification, installation, maintenance, trouble shooting, and support of AAE’s proven safety systems.

AAE Ltd, Inc. provides a full-line of fire detection and suppression customer support, including:

  • AOG Services including technical support and parts. Technical Support experts are available to answer your fire protection system questions. Our technical support personnel are also available for on-site assistance and consultation.
  • Certification Services for fire protection systems from civil aviation authorities for both new and existing systems.
  • Design Engineering and Engineering Orders for fire protection systems for any aircraft application, or we can modify fire protection systems to meet your needs.
  • Fire Protection System (FPS) Kits with necessary civil aviation authority certification and approval.
  • Spare Parts necessary for your fire protection system.
  • On-Site Installation Support can be provided by our team on-site almost anywhere in the world to assist in system installation and other maintenance issues (some conditions apply).
  • Program Management can be facilitated for both new FPS STC projects or the outfitting of entire fleets of aircraft with new FPS.
  • Repair and Overhaul coordination for all components, including warranty claims.
  • Service Bulletins can be issued by AAE Ltd to upgrade and modify FPS, and we can offer all necessary components with each Service Bulletin.
  • Testing Services for all fire protection needs, including agent concentration analysis, smoke penetration, and smoke detector response time.
  • Training for Program Management of both new FPS STC projects or the outfitting of entire fleets of aircraft with new FPS.

Call AAE, Ltd at 816-228-3322 for all your Customer Support needs!