The Appliance Fire Protection System

The Appliance Fire Protection System is a newly developed FPS for compartments and small rooms that are not monitored. Typical applications are for unit load devices, ground transportation vehicles, and wind turbines.

This new FPS . . . need more introductory text here.

Class D to C Cargo Compartment Conversion Kits

Knowledge and expertise assisted AAE Ltd in obtaining 9 FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for Cargo Fire Protection Systems that are now installed worldwide on the Boeing 737 -200/-300/-400/-500, Boeing 727 -100/-200, Airbus A320, Fokker F70/F100, Boeing DC- 9 / -10 / -21 / -30 / -41 / -51 / DC-9-80 Series / MD88 / MD-90-30, and Lockheed L1011. Many of these STCs are now approved by EASA and other Foreign Civil Aviation Agencies.

The AAE STC FPS modification meets the requirements of EASA NPA 2019-02 for the Class D to C compartment conversion. 

Kits from these designs have been installed on approximately 1500 narrow and wide body aircraft.

Conducted many ground and flight tests to demonstrate system performance.

Conducted laboratory system flow tests to show how well the metered system performs over long durations and varying temperature ranges.