The Aerosol Fire Extinguisher from Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Ltd provides a direct single-shot discharge of agent to quickly and effectively extinguish or suppress Class A, Class B, and Class C fires in inaccessible compartments, engines, unit load devices, stations, drones, and more.

Aerosol discharges in 5 seconds (Min) – 10 seconds (Max).

Aerosol General Solid Compound is an environmentally friendly GREEN AGENT with ZERO ozone depletion potential, ZERO global warming potential, NEGLIGIBLE atmospheric life time, and NEGLIGIBLE oxygen depletion “after” discharge.

With built-in agent discharge nozzles, using the AAE Aerosol Fire Extinguisher requires no separate agent distribution manifold, contributing less weight to the Fire Extinguishing System.

Advanced Aircraft Extinguishers, Ltd offers its Aerosol Fire Extinguishers in different sizes ranging from 20 grams to 500 grams, which can be used individually or in combination to achieve the required amount of extinguishing agent needed to protect inaccessible spaces.

TFC14-0060-1, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 200 g
TFC14-0060-2, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 500 g
TFC14-0060-3, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 100 g (pictured)
TFC14-0060-4, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 80 g
TFC14-0060-5, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 40 g
TFC14-0060-6, Aerosol Fire Extinguisher, 20 g

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